Essentially we provide you with your own 'inside track' to what's happening in your market place, by creating strategies for

Increasing the presence of your brand

Keeping in touch with developments and opportunities

Getting you in front of key decision makers when there are genuine opportunities to discuss

We achieve all this by generating intelligent dialogue between our clients and the companies they are targeting. That means knowing enough about you and your targets to ensure that we make truly meaningful matches.

We are in the business of new business. By tapping into our expertise you can make the best use of your energies and resources. This leads to the best new business tool of all - client satisfaction.


As soon as we are appointed we guide clients through a four-stage process to create and implement a sound new business strategy:

1. Getting to know you

We start by finding out everything we can about you, your culture and your ethos so that we can act as an 'extension' to your own in-house resource. We distil this information into an agreed format that experience tells us will have most impact and resonance over the phone when we start contacting targets.

2. Database creation

Together we create a database of companies you wish to target. In the research that follows we can pinpoint key decision makers and source latest news and information about the target. This allows meaningful dialogue to be initiated as soon as contact is made. Another key feature of our process is that we determine the best timing for potential opportunities.

3. The Contact programme

The Contact programme is undertaken by professionals who all specialise in new business creation. We are experienced at judging the right moment to call, how to gain immediate attention and how to actively engage the people we target so that meaningful dialogue can begin.

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4. Reporting

As soon as the contact programme begins, we send or email our weekly report detailing the dates and hours worked and the total number of calls made (we average 70 calls each day), meetings booked and background data to help you towards conversion, 'Hot leads' generated with relevant action list and feedback from each contact - summarised with key points and follow up timings.

We are careful not to work for clients with similar skill sets, so you won't run into anybody we work for at the same pitch meeting!

If calls need to be made outside the hours allocated to your Contact Programme, we can make them.

Our charges are based on an hourly rate. Our Initial Agreement is just three months which allows you to try us out and lets us show you just how effective we are.

The costs of database creation, research and initial familiarisation are amortised throughout the trial period and are included within our basic monthly charge.